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Change the world

from Narrow road mobbin' VOL​.​1 by Tru Judah



Now i can change the world through the point of my pen
Destroy this while kingdom then rebuild it again
I'm built for the war
I put that on my momma
If i ever tell a lie a pray ya boy be a goner
Commandments are kept
We bringing brothers back in the fold
Let them hear the greatest story never told
A hundred forty four waiting for the sky to crack
Go head and blow the horn cause the king is back
And he's mad and black
With the wooly hair
We ain't talking bout the one you see everywhere
We ain't talking bout no little white boy on a stick
Man you devils make me sick
So i got back to my rhyming
And i'm back with impeccable timing
There i go with the glow
It don't come from no diamond
Geah straight from the spirit
Brothers know when they hear it
If you wicked you gon fear it
If you righteous get near it
Heathens looking at me strange
But you know i don't care
I just let my fringes swing while they stop and stare
You can't cheat and make the rules devil
That ain't fair
The covenant is ours devil we wont share
So get mad little heathen
We bout to get even
Have you read obadiah
Boy you better get to cleavin
You gon hit that lake of fire for the nonsense you believe in
I been trying to be a patient saint
Don't give me a reason
Cause it's the end of the esau show
You gon catch this truth everywhere yall go
We the children of the most high so watch what you say
Aye we got angels with us and they ain't come to play
Thats all troof no goof
Spirit bust through the roof
Spit a scripture so hard i might chip my tooth
Boy i'm living proof when i step out the booth
Open up the book they disappear like poof
I met a pimp named creflo
He getting his dollar
Took my grandma to the trap
Made her dance and holler
Every sunday it was rolling
Put the cash in a dish
Pray to jesus speak in tongues
Baby make you a wish
My nigga whats this
I know the game when i see it
Took the truth to the hood and they didn't believe it
My nigga whats this
I know the game when i see it
Took the truth to the hood and they didn't believe it
Go on go uh yeah it don't stop
Uh yeah uh it don't quit
Uh yeah uh all praise to the most high
And power to his people
Yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah uh


from Narrow road mobbin' VOL​.​1, released November 15, 2021


all rights reserved



Tru Judah Sacramento, California

Tru Judah is an artist with a new mission in life: being the light, spreading love and waking up the true 12 tribes of Israel. The ​Hebrew Israelite artist is not here for money or fame, but for the sole purpose of waking up God’s people to the truth. ​​Tru Judah cites his only influence as The Holy Spirit. He is​ ​divinely inspired, making righteous music for sinners, ... more

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