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I heard em say i'm trying to bring the nineties back
I hope so cause thats where they made me at
Drive by's and crack what a beautiful life
If i died and came back i hope i live that twice
I'd go back to the hood tell my cousin don't do it
They gon come back tonight busting shots out that buick
And you gon die nigga so ain't none of it worth it
Only fifteen he don't deserve it but the reaper serves it
Death on a platter he was just a baby i guess it don't matter
The wage of sin is death it was time to pay up
Post traumatic stress still hear the shots it makes me stay up
And i be like a zombie but somehow i manage
Its in me not on me you cant even see the damage
But believe me boy its there at night i shed a tear
And i pray to the father ask him why i'm still here
I got work to do true
I'd find my cousin rob tell him don't go
Or leave your gun at home cause you gon let it blow
Why'd you kill that man i still don't even know
I was like your shadow but i didn't go that time
I guess i'm protected by god
And we both know i ain't ish so that seems odd
I don't know why he chose me i'm glad that he did
You went in as a young kid you still on your bid
And the clock ticks the pain sticks our beards turn grey
Boy i know your whole heart i don't care what they say
I just relive the day they came and took my brother
And hauled him off to jail in my green cross colors damn
Then i'd probably bend the block go find my daddy smoking rock
Smack that mess out his hand tell him that his sons trying to learn to be a man
And you can reach him if you teach him he's a sponge for the game
But he's lost and confused and he's suffering pain
You ain't even see him change huh he thinks he's a pimp
But he ain't got no perm or a limp
And thats all you ever told him so imagine if you mold him
His friends keep getting smoked you should pull up on him hold him
Tell him that you love him its gon be alright
And if you cant do that at least show him how to fight
Or show him gods light cause boy he gon need it
He gon run up on a demon and he will not beat it
But that could all change if you found some love to show him
You brought him in this world thats the least a nigga owe him
True cause he forgave all the lies you told all the time in prison and the things you stole
And all this time a nigga thought it was me but now a nigga see it be ptsd


from Narrow road mobbin' VOL​.​1, released November 15, 2021


all rights reserved



Tru Judah Sacramento, California

Tru Judah is an artist with a new mission in life: being the light, spreading love and waking up the true 12 tribes of Israel. The ​Hebrew Israelite artist is not here for money or fame, but for the sole purpose of waking up God’s people to the truth. ​​Tru Judah cites his only influence as The Holy Spirit. He is​ ​divinely inspired, making righteous music for sinners, ... more

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