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Unbelievable unbelievable

You're unbelievable you're unbelievable
You're unbelievable you're unbelievable

I don't need a book to know right form wrong
I walk to my own beat but these the words to my song hallelujah
Never knew ya is what is what i don't want to hear
And if you ain't learned by now boy its wisdom in fear
Of his power every hour i praise you for the time
So i sat down at the table and i wrote you a rhyme
To thank you for the time you lifted me out the mud
And thank you for your son covered me in his blood
And when i didn't understand you kept holding my hand
Waited for the perfect moment told me go be a man
Thats the plan but i fumbled right at the goal
What a stumble wasn't humble left me right in that hole
But you never did forsake me and the darkness didn't break me
Come back to you dirty and you still take me
Made me a new man with your light and love
Sorry for when i ain't believe but you know what it was come on

You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable

I don't really pray no more we just talk
All i do is look for his light and just walk
And i don't make my spirit small no more i grow
And i don't even write my rhymes i just flow
Really bro its something dope you oughta see it
Whatever is in your head go head and be it
As long as its in line with the truth and whats divine
You can manifest whatever you see in your mind
We the salt of the earth but too bad we don't know what we worth
The most high brought us up from the turf
But we ain't have to stay there
Suffer die and lay there
These devils don't play fair
We think its ok there
But it ain't and we still made it
Thats unbelievable yall
Thats why i'd never trade it like esau
Thats why i spit the truth in the booth till my throats raw
I think i hear them chariots coming lets run yall we going home

Unbelievable unbelievable
Everything i need

You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable
You're unbelievable

Brothers and sisters lets have a round of applause
For the most high his beautiful people and tru judah


from Narrow road mobbin' VOL​.​1, released November 15, 2021


all rights reserved



Tru Judah Sacramento, California

Tru Judah is an artist with a new mission in life: being the light, spreading love and waking up the true 12 tribes of Israel. The ​Hebrew Israelite artist is not here for money or fame, but for the sole purpose of waking up God’s people to the truth. ​​Tru Judah cites his only influence as The Holy Spirit. He is​ ​divinely inspired, making righteous music for sinners, ... more

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